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ScreenSlider by REDFLY
50% Off $1.99 Normal Price - Use Your Android as a 2nd PC Monitor*50% Off
$1.99 Regular Price to Celebrate ScreenSlider Launch - Use Your Android tablet or
smartphone as a 2nd PC Monitor*REDFLY ScreenSlider by Celio Corp allows you
to be more productive using the tablet or smartphone that you already own while
working on your PC or laptop. With ScreenSlider, you can use your Android device
as a wireless external monitor for your computer and take advantage of the extra
screen real estate to see and do more.An optional ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade
enables a number of touch-based features including pinch-to-zoom, mirror mode,
right/left click and more allowing you to view and interact with ...
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Screen Crack Prank Pro
Fool your friends with this great Screen Crack Prank! Realistic looks. NO ADSThe
best Screen Crack Prank app in the market!Just configure a timer, choose your
preferred screen break image out of 10 different images and click start.Give your
phone to a friend or someone else you want to fool and that's it... Let the Prank
begin.When the time is up, the break image appears ON TOP of whatever is on the
screen and will stay there until you shake your phone to remove it :)Guaranteed to
fool everyone.Main features:1) 10 different crack screen images!2) Screen shattering
sound option3) NO ADS! COMPLETELY FREE!4) Realistic images (taken from
real iPhone and Android screen break images)5) Shake t...
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Screen Lock Free
The best screen lock utility on Android. Also shows battery level (configurable) on
the desktop for quick viewing. Locks the screen on one simple widget click from
desktop. Saves time and hard key lifespan.
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Screencast Video Recorder
** Root Needed** Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3 yet** Refund
Policy: 24 hoursScreencast captures your phone screen at high frame rates into a high
quality MPEG4 video with audio. It can also take snapshots of your screen by
holding the search key on your phone.Support forum:
program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously
recorded videos or screen shots from within the same user interface.Please contact the
developer if you have question or issues, before rating the app low. The developer
cannot help you if you only post a review and do not email for support. You can also
hit "Menu" and select "Report a prob...
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Screencast Video Recorder Demo
** Root Needed ** ** Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3 yet
**Screencast captures your phone screen at high frame rates into a high quality
MPEG4 video with audio. It can also take snapshots of your screen by holding the
search key on your phone.Support forum: program includes
a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos or
screen shots from within the same user interface.Please contact the developer if you
have question or issues, before rating the app low. The developer cannot help you if
you only post a review and do not email for support. You can also hit "Menu" and
select "Report a problem" to get su...
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ScriptFusion AutoBot
One script to rule them all...Installs and interacts with a custom script meant to allow
customization on devices that previously required multiple installations and
toolsImagine Busybox Installer, SetCPU, Root Tools, and Spare Parts. Now add some
options... Yeah, it does that.If you have any questions about what ScriptFusion is or
does, please see the website or contact the developer before purchasing this
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Scroll Test
This is a simple app that tests how long it takes someone to scroll a page. Results will
vary by phone.Tags: reflex, skills, fast, phone, cool, race, test, skills
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Scrubs Trivia
Scrubs Trivia!How much do you know about this hospital-themed American sitcom?
Enjoy Scrubs trivia and compete against other Scrubs fans!
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Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha
Entertain your children with Galinha Pintadinha!Entertain your children with musical
animations from the brazilian popular culture. Galinha Pintadinha, or Spotted
Chicken and Her Crew is a brazilian production that brings culture and fun to the
whole family. Enjoy it and lots of cluck cluck clucks for everyone! Visit our website
at: Created by: Bromlia App Publisher: 01
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Se TV fra DR p‫أ‬ƒ‫آ‬¥ Android‫آ„آ‬¢‫أ‬¢
Se DR LIVE TV p Android. Masser af god underholdningMed se TV fra DR p
Android App, kan du se LIVE TV fra p din Android mobil, tablet osv... mens
du er p farten. I et fedt, enkelt og ekstremt brugervenligt design. Du kan se LIVE TV
og lytte til Audio podcast fra DR.VIGTIGT: Har du ikke flash installeret kan du ikke
se Live TV, men jeg har gjort Vidio podcast tilgrngeligt. S har du ikke flash, kan bde
se vidio podcast og lytte til Audio podcast. Du vil ikke f ret meget mere ud af den
anden version. Dog vil du undg reklamer.. og indimellem vil der vre lidt ekstra.DRs
LIVE KANALER: DR1, DR2, DR Ramasjang, DR Kultur, DR Update, DR HD.DRs
NU programmer...
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Sea fish Live Wallpaper
Sea fish Live Wallpaper with olorful realistic fish and beautiful backgrounds!Sea fish
Live Wallpaper have realistic fish animation and three different marine
backgrounds.Fish and bubbles animations can be turned on or off.Sea fish Live
Wallpaper with olorful realistic fish and beautiful backgrounds!To use: HOME >
MENU > Wallpaper > Live WallpapersFish animations have many settings.Tags: Sea
fish Live Wallpaper, marine, aquarium, top, fish, Shark Dreams, underwater,
backgrounds, free
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Seahawks News
Seattle Seahawks NewsSeattle Seahawks RSS news aggregator.~ News from local
and national sources.~ Popular blog feeds included.~ Backgroud updates and
notifications.~ It's FREE!--DISCLAIMER:ZenMobi is not affiliated with the NFL,
Seattle Seahawks, or any of the news providers shown within this application.
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Seal Force
Help Seal Force defeat evil krill mastermind Krillian from poisoning the sea!2nd
Highest Rated iPhone Game of Q4 2011 !!! according to Quality Index The entire
ocean is counting on you to help defeat the evil krill mastermind Krillian from
poisoning the sea ! "I could easily see Seal Force as a Saturday morning cartoon.
From the 80's or otherwise. The game itself is actually pretty cool, too." 4.5 out of 5
stars - "Seal Force is simply a joy to play. The gameplay is
incredibly well-done, but it's the overall feel here that makes this such a winning
title." 4.5 out of 5 stars"The artwork is simply beautiful, with
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Search Clear Defaults
This application can search app with "Clear Defaults".Because "Manage
applications" in Settings show all app, hard to find app with "Clear Defaults".[How to
use]1.launch this list app with "Clear Defaults".(like a Image1) list
item, go to Apllication detail info.(like a Image2)4.Press "Clear Defaults"
buttonVer.0.0.2 Fixed Bug, Crash Error.
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Search Friend for Korea Travel
This APP is 'Search Travel Friend'
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Secret Spy Cam
The silent spy camera.Take pictures quickly and silently(*) with a mini preview
display overlay for ultimate discretion. Have you ever wanted to take a picture but
didn't want to use the noisy and conspicuous built-in Android camera app?Taking a
picture of a questionable practice at work, a restaurant worker mishandling food, a
camera-shy family member, or maybe your secret crush?Secret Spy Cam is for you! 3 discreet preview sizes- Runs as an overlay over any other app- Single-tap picture
taking- Single-tap quick app exit- No shutter sound (*)- User manual available from
the app's menu(*) This feature may not be available for every
phone/country.********************We tested this a...
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Secretos de belleza
Los mejores blogs y webs para secretos de belleza, ponte guapsima, trucos caseros,
maquillaje, esttica, dietas, cosmtica, uas, peluquera, consejos de salud, adelgaza
sanamente, peinados de novia, de fiestas, recogidos, paso a paso, lencera, cuidado
facial, manicura y manos .Ideal para tabletas
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Take you always your secrets with you! Completely hidden at eyes's all !!Please, it is
Important to read all the INSTRUCTION about how to start the application! Read
below !From Today all your projects or your most intimates secrets are safe !
(notes,passwords... )Don't worry even the most trusted person that you could not deny
nothing, your wife,your husband,your girlfriend or boyfriend,all those person or
friends that you can not say "No,I do not you give the password " can read the pages
of your diary, because these are totally hidden in the phone! Do not appear anywhere!
Why this application is different from others? Becouse no icon appears in the list of
applications ...
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Secrets for Android
Secrets for Android securely stores and manages passwords and secrets on your
Android phone.User
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Secure your messages and gain the privacy your already expect!YOUR mobile phone
text messages are NOT secure! * Encrypted texting - All Carriers, Android,
Blackberry, J2me and iPhone compatible!* Remote Delete - delete msgs directly off
THEIR phone* Remote Lock - misplaced your phone or left it at home? secure your
private msgs remotely with a simple sms command.* Remote Wipe - lost phone?
Remotely delete all your private messages and cycle your encryption keys.* FREE on
full version: Connect to your phone via WiFi and continue messaging your friends
and colleagues without ever touching the phone! * Full security subscription service
is $6.99/moRemote Lock and Wipe commands are completed u...
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Encrypted your accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. simple and fast!Very
simple and fast encrypt application.SecureMemo is encrypted your accounts,
passwords, credit card numbers, and you don't want others to see. (lock memo)All
your data is stored in an AES encrypted file on your device's media card.(SD
Card)Lock any memos on your Android phone!* Note: The password is not stored. If
you forget your password, decryption is not possible.* keyword: encrypt, decrypt,
private, viewer, locker, memo, text, note, secret, passwordNotice: Internet access
permission is for ad.
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Encrypted your private photos as accounts, credit card, etc. Simple and fast!Very
simple and fast encrypt application.Lock any photos on your Android phone!How to
protect important picture of your phone? Encrypted your private photos, using
entered password. (lock photo)Encrypt your photos, such as ID cards, accounts, credit
card, private photos and you don't want others to see.Encrypting sensitive photos can
reduce the risk of disclosure. (if your phone is lost or stolen)Encrypting photo is
stored in your device's media card.(SD Card)Encrypted files can not be seen with
other photo viewers, and only using SecurePhoto set can be viewed only by entering
a password.Of course, the passw...
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Secure My Home
After a lot of suggestions from our customers, we have finally come up with the
THIEF DETECTOR app.Position your phone properly (preferably opposite entrance),
leave the app open.As soon as any motion is detected, the phone starts recording the
video automatically. This way, you can detect the trespasser.On starting the app,
phone goes in silent mode, to avoid any unwanted sound by the phone. Features - 1.
Customizable sensitivity - you can adjust the sensitivity of motion (for example if you
want to detect even the slightest motion - say of a rat - you can)2. Customizable
duration of recording. (10 sec - 10 minute)3. Auto loop - It automatically repeats
motion detection algorithm automatica...
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Seducing Sex Positions
This app contains most amazing sex positions that you might have never used but
now you must use them to rock your sexual life. These Positions will take you to peek
of enjoyment and seduction.
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SeeClickFix Plus is for reporting non-emergency problems in your
neighborhood.SeeClickFix encourages residents to become citizens by participating
in taking care of and improving their neighborhoods. We allow anyone to report nonemergency issues using the android platform.
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Seek My Android
SeekMyAndroid allows you to locate your lost device anywhere in the world.Lost
your android? We will help you find it. See http://www.seekmyandroid.comRemote
control your android phone from the internet.**The app does no polling to a server,
so there is no extra battery usage.**SeekMyAndroid requires Android 2.2 or greater
and a working data connection.**SeekMyAndroid allows you to locate your lost or
stolen device anywhere in the world. See your device on a map, set off an audible
alarm, wipe the device, and more.Setup is easy! Install the application on your device
and create a username and password when the application launches. Make sure GPS
is enabled for more accurate results, and your...
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T'agrada La Segona Hora de RAC1?El Segonahoritzador porta al teu mbil les
psicofonies del programa. Sigues com en Vctor Oll i segonahoritza el teu dia a dia
amb ms de 200 sons com per exemple "a la plaa de l'ajuntament", "se morir
seguramente", "hoiguen" o el fams "et felicito fill".Amb illusi!NOTA: Els integrants
de l'equip de La Segona Hora ni cap treballador de RAC1 participa de cap manera en
el desenvolupament i manteniment d'aquesta aplicaci.
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Segunda L‫أ‬ƒ‫­آ‬nea
Otro nmero, en tu mvil de siempre.Con Segunda Lnea podrs tener gratis dos nmeros
en tu Android, asociados a tu SIM Movistar habitual. As podrs utilizar este segundo
nmero para comunicarte con gente a la que no quieres dar tu nmero de
siempre.Cuando alguien te llame o enve un SMS a tu Segunda Lnea, recibirs la
llamada o SMS en tu telfono con el prefijo 22 seguido del nmero de la persona que te
llama. Si quieres llamar con tu Segunda Lnea, podrs hacerlo desde esta aplicacin, que
introduce automticamente el prefijo 22 antes del nmero destino.Por qu una Segunda
Lnea?- Para dar tu nmero de telfono siempre que no quieras desvelar tu nmero
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Small application that allows you to viewrecent earthquakes. It is inspired from the
famous book by Reto Meier.The data is provided by the CSEM-EMSC, is visualized
primarilyearthquakes in Europe.
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Sekai Camera for Android
Experience AR! View through your camera to see information floating around
you.Sekai Camera changes the way you see the world! Capture your precious
moments and float them on the spot.With pictures and texts, you can post delicious
dishes you had, places with memories, or beautiful scenery as soon as you are
inspired.By holding up your Sekai Camera, you can see your Air Tags floating at the
places you posted them, which will share your impressions or information to other
users visiting the same place.Features:PostingEasily post pictures and texts on the
spotYour posts are visible to other visitors of that place!You can always check your
own pos...
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