Download TNS Offshore Trading User Manual for Mobile

TNS Offshore Trading User Manual for Mobile
1) Login to Trading platform
Client can login to either Full-client here or Trial version here
Then fill in your Username and Password to login to the system
(Sample screenshot of TNS Mobile trading program)
Watch List Window to display selected product Menu to select list to display details: graph and the latest price
News Window for news and researches
Price Alert Open to view setting lists to alert prices To open new window for Account Summary, Open Position, Open Orders, and Notifications How to input an order
1. Select the interested stock under Watch
2. Click Trade to set buy/sell order
3. Select to change
a. Buy
when to buy
b. Sell
when to sell
4. put the amount that wants to be
bought/sold in the box beside
5. Share Price – set price to trade
6. select Entry Type
Place order to buy/sell at particular price
Place order to buy/sell at the market price
Place order “wait” to buy/sell in case of
Trailing stop
a) Want to set price and “wait” to buy at the higher price than the present
b) Want to set price and “wait” to sell at the lower price than the present
Place order to shift the stop loss point to move up steadily in the upward
direction in case price moves in favor of profitability
7. Duration that set to trade (order is active although the program is terminated)
Note: G.T.C is Good Till Cancel
8. Take Profit / Stop Lost is to set price at particular point that will take when
making profit or will stop when making loss from transaction. (Order is active
although the program is terminated)
9. Preview Order press
to enter the buy/sell order
10. Confirm Order(s) and Place Order(s) to confirm your trading order
To edit trading order
1. User can view Account, Open Position, Open Order, and Notification by opening new
window through this icon
located on the bottom left of the screen
2. Select Open Order(s) > Open Order(s) will be shown
a. User can cancel the order by pressing the icon
b. Change the price or the type of trading from the pencil icon Edit Order
c. View Summary of the placed order, information about price, amount, and
place date by this icon
How to make other configuration
To add new entry into the watch list
On the information page, user can click this icon
that it is already added into the watch list
until it turns yellow indicating
To set
alarm to
alert at a
1. On the information page, this icon
be displayed on the bottom left.
2. Click the icon to open new window to set an alarm. Then on the right, new
window headed “Add Price Alert” will be display for the user to put in the price
that the user wants to be alert.
3. Select type to alert, desired price, and set the duration to be alert.
To change price set
1. Select this icon
to open the configuration menu
2. Section can be selected to modify
Language and Region
Change language and time region of the program
News Providers
Change news providers to be displayed in the News tab on the left. It
can be selected to open or close the information service at anytime.
Regions and Countries
Configure the desired region of news under “News” tab which can
display multiple regions or all region simultaneously
Notification settings
Set Push Notification in mobile phone so if the buy order, sell order,
or alarm is executed. It can also be set to push notification to email.
Contact list (Not implemented yet)
User Guide
Basis offshore trading guide
Network Info
Display internet speed that connects to our trading server
To Log out