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Superior EGo
Electronic Cigarettes
Welcome to a Whole New Lifestyle!
Box Contents
Structure of Apollo Electronic Cigarette
Apollo Clearomizer
Apollo Battery and Charger
How to Charge
Congratulations on purchasing Apollo
Electronic Cigarette products! You have
made the right choice for yourself and the
environment. You are starting a whole new
The Apollo Superior EGo Kit includes the
following components: 2 Manual batteries,
2 CE4 Clearomizers, 1 e-liquid bottle, 1 USB
charger, and 1 wall adaptor.
The e-cigarette body is an integrated
structure consisting of a manual lithium-ion
battery and a CE4 clearomizer.
The Apollo CE4 Clearomizer holds the
e-liquid (with or without nicotine) and
converts it to vapor. E-liquid is available in
different nicotine levels and a variety of
flavors. The CE4 is one of the newest models
of cartomizer and is known for its huge
amounts of vapor!
The Apollo Electronic Cigarette uses a
lithium-ion battery along with its supporting
charger. Both of these devices are specific to
the products and cannot be substituted with
other batteries or chargers. Using any other
batteries or chargers designed for other kits
can cause a fire or explosion hazard. However,
the cartomizer is compatible with other 510
batteries, and the battery is compatible with
other 510 atomizers and cartomizers.
For safe and effective use of the Apollo
Electronic Cigarette, please read through
the following information carefully and
follow the standard operating procedures
Charge the Apollo E-cigarette batteries
using the USB charger or the wall charger.
When the LED on the charger turns from red
(charging) to green (fully charged), the
battery is ready for use. The Apollo batteries
are partially charged on arrival, so you can
use your Apollo Electronic Cigarettes
immediately. However, we recommend that
you fully charge the batteries before use.
Insert a battery into the charger, turn
clockwise to screw it in, and connect it to a
power source (USB port or power outlet,
depending on which charger you are using).
The charge may take 2-3 hours to finish.
Before starting to use your Apollo Electronic
Cigarette, please read this manual carefully
to help ensure that you get the most out of
your Apollo Electronic Cigarette products.
Wall Adaptor (1)
This manual should be kept in a safe place
for future reference.
USB Charger (1)
Prohibited Use
CE4 Clearomizer
The following people should not use this
User Manual
Battery (2)
Keep your clearomizers in a cool and dry
place, out of the reach of children and pets.
Please dispose of them appropriately after
use. Apollo CE4 clearomizers are intended
for use with the Apollo Superior EGo Kit, but
can be used with other 510 batteries.
1. Minors under the legal smoking age
2. People allergic or sensitive to nicotine
or related inhalants
3. Pregnant or breastfeeding women
CE4 Clearomizer (2)
Lead a Whole New Lifestyle
E-liquid bottle (1)
Operating the Apollo Electronic Cigarette
Advantages of the Apollo E-Cigarette
1. Take a new clearomizer out of its wrapper.
Unscrew and remove the mouthpiece at the
end of the cartomizer (labeled below.)
2. Fill the clearomizer about 3/4 of the way
with e-liquid, with the unscrewed end
facing up. Drip the liquid into the
clearomizer, avoiding the hole directly in
the middle of the cartomizer.
3. Replace the mouthpiece. Make sure it is
fully screwed in.
1. Take a battery out of its packaging.
2. Screw the clearomizer onto the battery
by turning it clockwise until it stops.
3. You’re ready to go!
Please avoid smoking the Apollo Electronic
Cigarette in an upward position.
1. The Apollo Electronic Cigarette uses the
latest microelectronics and air dynamic
technologies. Every Apollo e-cigarette is
tested before shipment.
2. The Apollo Electronic Cigarette does not
produce the 4,000+ toxic chemicals that
traditional tobacco cigarettes do when
3. It is non-flammable, so there is no fire or
burning risk.
4. I t d o e s n o t p r o d u c e h a r m f u l
second-hand smoke.
5. It helps you save money. Each Apollo
cartomizer is equivalent to approximately a
pack of tobacco cigarettes. By switching to
Apollo, you’ll be saving quite some money
each year.
Subject to the conditions and limitations set
forth on, the Apollo
Electronic Cigarette is fully covered by a
12-month warranty against defects in
workmanship and materials. The only
exception is the cartomizer, which has a
2-week warranty.
Each Apollo CE4 cartomizer will last about
250 puffs per fill, depending on the length of
your drag. The battery will last longer than
one cartomizer. Eventually you will notice a
decrease in vapor and taste, which indicates
that the cartomizer needs to be replaced or
When the power of the lithium battery is fully
depleted, the LED indicator will flash a few
times. When this happens, charge the battery
and switch to the other one.
Fully assembled Superior EGo
Turn On/Off Battery
To turn off the battery, click the button quickly
5 times (within 3 seconds.) You can also turn
the battery back on this way. This is useful for
when you keep your e-cigarette in your pocket,
to prevent it from accidentally being activated.
Filling Instructions
The battery will activate the cartomizer while
the button is held. The LED indicator on the
button will light up. The cartomizer will then
heat up a tiny drop of the nicotine solution
and produce a cloud of vapor.
The battery has a button that you hold to
produce vapor. It has a smart chip that will cut
off after about 8 seconds, and the LED will flash
a few times to indicate that the button was
held for too long. Holding the button for too
long can damage your cartomizer.
Should any part of your Apollo product fail
to operate satisfactorily, you can return it to
us for a replacement. Please pack the unit
securely and obtain appropriate shipping
insurance. Please include a full description
of the defect or details of the claim, along
with your return address, telephone
number, and legible proof of purchase. We
are not responsible for damage or loss
caused by postal handling. Whenever
possible, please send the only component
in question, as opposed to the entire kit.
Troubleshooting Tips
1. Accidental button-holding can damage
your cartomizer. Turn off the battery when
you put it in your pocket.
2. Nicotine can be absorbed through the
skin. Be careful when handling e-liquid.
3. Please lock up the product and keep it out
of reach of children or pets.
4. Do not charge the battery near a hightemperature heat source.
5. If you do not feel well after use, please
discontinue use and seek medical advice.
6. Please do not disassemble the battery.
Disassembling the battery will cause damage
to the smart chip, and put you at risk for
electrical shock.
7. Keep all parts away from water.
8. Never directly draw on a cartomizer
without connecting it to the batter y.
Ingesting too much of the e-liquid can lead to
nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
Troubleshooting Tips (continued)
E-cigarette is leaking
1. The battery may be
out of power. Make sure
it is recharged.
2. The battery may be
off. Click the button 5
times in 3 seconds.
The cartomizer gets
hot after you use it for
a while
This is normal because the
cartomizer is heated to
produce vapor. You can
just stop using it for a few
seconds or reduce the
frequency of inhales to let
the device cool down.
1. Make sure the
mouthpiece of the
cartomizer is tightly
screwed in.
2. Make sure the
cartomizer is screwed
on tightly to the battery.
3 . Tr y u s i n g a n e w
No vapor
1. Try using a
fully-charged battery.
2. The cartomizer may
C a r t o m i z e r i s n’ t h a v e b u r n e d o u t .
m a k i n g a s m u c h Car tomizers have a
2-week warranty (the rest
vapor as it used to
of your par ts have a
1-year warranty.) Vapor
will increase a lot with a
new car tomizer. The
heating coils eventually
burn out, which is why
Unscrew the battery
T h e L E D l i g h t i s and press the button a
always on
few times to make sure
it’s not stuck.
There is vapor but a
burnt taste
Battery is fully charged
Battery is charging
Make sure the cartomizer
has liquid in it. Make sure
liquid touches the white
threads in the cartomizer.
Contact Us
Should you have any questions, please visit
our website at (or for EU customers) to
review our FAQ page, and find our contact
information on the Contact Us page.