Download 321 Studios DVR-509 User's Manual

DVD-R/RW, +R/+RW, CD-R/RW Writer
Product Overview
The DVR-509 high speed DVD burner introduced by Pioneer enables computer
users to record data, photos and video onto DVD-R, DVD-RW, +R and +RW
discs with ease. It also works with dual layer discs, increasing the capacity of a
disc from 4.7 to 8.5 gigabytes for even more storage space.
The DVR-509 offers many technologies unique to Pioneer, including:
Liquid Crystal Control for optimum recording quality
Precision Recording to minimize the effects of long-term deterioration of
re-recordable discs due to repeated writing
Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber to reduce vibrations during highspeed recording and playback of discs
• Writes to DVD-R 4.7GB (single & dual layer), DVD-RW, DVD+R (single & double layer), and DVD+RW
• Writes to CD-R 700 (type 80), 650MB (type 74), CD-RW, Highspeed CD-RW, Ultraspeed CD-RW
• Reads DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO (single & dual layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R (single & double layer),
• Reads CD-ROM (Mode1 & 2), CD-ROM XA, CD-DA (CD Audio), Video CD, PhotoCD (single/multi-session),
• Vertical as well as horizontal installation
• Interfaces as an ATAPI device (ATA, ATAPI-5 & SFFC INF8090 Ver 5.11)
• IDE Data Transfer of PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode 2, and Ultra DMA Mode 4
(Ultra DMA 66)
Bundled with a comprehensive array of programs such as
Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3.5 Disc Creator allows you to burn movies, slideshows, data and music to CD
or DVD in an instant.
Ulead CD & DVD PictureShow 3 SE turn photos into memorable slideshows with themes such as
Birthday, Wedding, and Holiday, complete with graphics, animated effects, tranistions and music
Ulead Video Studio 8.0SE allows first-time users to edit and create professional-looking videos with ease.
Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5SE provides an efficient way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute photos,
music and video.
Ulead Burn.Now is easy to use disc recording software. Users can take full advantage of their CD/DVD
burner to create data and audio discs plus copy discs.
Ulead DVD Player offers high compatibility and plays commercial DVDs and DVDs created by other Ulead
NovaBACKUP 7.1 prevents users from losing data. Virtually all businesses today rely heavily on computers
and computer systems.
• Firewire / IEEEE1394 solutions and SCSI-to-IDE bridges available from 3rd party vendors
• With a buffer memory size of 2MB and the unique "lossless linking" scheme saving time and protecting
against wasted discs from buffer underruns or overruns
• Plays on both DVD-Video players & DVD-ROM drives
(check for compatibility on manufacturers’ older models)
• Expectancy for disc life is 100 years and more
The drive is designed for easy use.
At Pioneer, it is our goal to achieve the complete
satisfaction of every Pioneer customer, and our
commitment to this objective continues for as long as
you own your Pioneer product.