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TruForm Media AKB-150EB
3 Color Illuminated Ergonomic Keyboard
The Adesso® Tru-Form AKB -150EB -3 Color Illuminated Ergonomic
keyboard is designed with a splitted key zone and gently sloped
shape which encourages natural position of hands, wrist, and
forearms in maximum comfort for extended use. With its
eye-soothing backlit keys in green, blue and red- 3 colors for
increased productivity in dim lighting situations or dark
environments, you can switch easily between green, blue or red
with one touch of a key! With multi-functional Hotkeys, you get
quick access to your media controls, Email, Internet browser and
other common applications. The Adesso® Tru-Form AKB-150EB is
designed with membrane key switches that provide a quieter,
faster response and stand up top long term usage.
3 Color (RGB) Illuminated Backlit Keyboard
The 3-color Illuminated Backlit keyboard lets you choose your
backlit color to green, blue, or red in one keystroke!
The gently-lit keys allow you to work day and night without
straining your eyes. No more mistyping! You can work from
dusk till dawn at your desk or bedroom without disturbing
3 Color Illuminated Ergonomic Design
Back Lit Keyboard
Quiet Membrane
Key Switches
Multimedia and
Internet Controls
Keyboard Specifications:
Key Layout:
Key Type:
Power Source:
LED Hotkeys:
Internet Hotkeys:
Media Hotkeys:
Avail. Colors:
105-Key US Layout
USB Cable
PC Powered via USB
Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock
4 LED Hot Keys (Light On/Off, Brightness Up &
Down, Color Switch)
7 Hotkeys (Home, Back, Fwd, Refresh, Search,
Favorite, Email)
9 Hotkeys (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next,
Vol. Up, Vol. Down, Mute,Player, My Computer )
20.5” x 9.3” x 1.5” (520 x 235 x 38mm)
1.95 lbs. (885 g)
Ergonomic Design
The design of this keyboard with splitted key zones
and gently sloped shape encourages natural position
of hands, wrists, and forearm in maximum comfort for
long use.
Quiet Membrane Key Switches
Membrane key switches provide a better tactile response
and a quieter typing experience. Plus they last up to five million Operating System
Connectivity Interface
Internet & Multimedia Hotkeys
Get instant access to your commonly used Internet and
multimedia tools with the 20 built-in hotkeys this
keyboard has to offer
Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
3 color Illuminated Ergonomic USB Keyboard
Quickstart Guide
Shipping Information:
Windows 8
UPC Code
Box Dimensions
20.7" x 10.7" x 2.1"
(528 x 273 x 53 mm)
Box Wt.
3.2 lbs