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NuScan 3300U
Optical Laser Barcode Scanner
■ Product Overview
The NuScan™ 3300 features the accuracy of laser compact,
ergonomic and affordable design. The NuScan™ 3300 features technical advancements that eliminate internal vibrating mirrors and moving parts for better shock absorption,
longevity and durability. Adesso® barcode scanners combine high performance, accuracy, and real value.
This USB version offers a best-in-class solution for retail,
point of sale, Office, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Libraries,
Medical, Legal office, Government, marketing and any repetitive application where time and precision are critical factors in helping businesses streamline their workflow.
■ Sleek & Ergonomic Design:
Sleek lines, easy
- - to hold grip and thumb switch offers maximum comfort for extended scanner use.
■ Long Scanning Range:
The optical laser engine allows a wider and longer scan field
of up to 19", capable of scanning under a light level of
30000 lux.
Scanner Specifications
Light Source
650 nm Laser Diode
Depth of Field (40 Mils)500 mm
Scan Speed
100 scans/sec
Best Resolution
0.1 mm (4mils)
- Code 39
Print Contrast
45% or More
Scan Angle
Green/red LED & beeper
Input voltage
5 VDC ± 0.5 V
Current- Operating
65mA max
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 X 60 X 160 mm
■ Fast Scan Rate with Plug & Play Connection:
Allows eay and instantaneous transfer of barcode data into
your computer with superior success. Plug & Play with USB
interface. No driver required. Compatible with Windows and
■ Spill Resistance:
IP42 Rated. Top cover, case and rubberized connection prevents water incursion of the PCBA.
110 g ± 5 g (No Cable)
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F
-20° to 60°C-4°F
( to 140°F)
Humidity Operation
10% to 85% relative humidity
Humidity Storage
5% to 95% relative humidity
Ambient Light
Fluorescent Light 300 lux to Sun Light 30000 lux
1.5 M drop
■ Shock Resistant:
Operating System
1.5M - The only laser engine in world without moving parts
inside makes the unit less susceptible to shock than all other Includes
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000- OS X.4 and above
Adesso NuScan 3300U Barcode Scanner
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Shipping Information
UPC Code
NuScan 3300U
Pack Dims
12.3 x 8.5"x 3.5"
Pack Weight
1.25 Lbs