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*Wii Classic controller and PS3 controller not included
CTA Digital presents a clever way of mixing a popular approach to communicating and applying it to the gaming world with the
portable keypad for the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Use this device instead of trying to point and locate each letter one by one
with a game controller. Enter your name and high score information at the same speed you would send a text message. Perfect for
the email/messaging services provided by the the Nintendo Wii and PS3, you can use this keypad to chat and message your friends.
This functional keypad mounts onto a PS3 controller or Nintendo Wii Classic controller via a plastic adapter or use it without the
adapter and hold it in your hand. No cables needed as this device receives a wireless signal from a USB Dongle antenna key. Just
plug it into a USB slot on a Wii or PS3 console and you‘re set.
In this digital age of texting with handheld devices, this video game keypad is definitely the way to go!
Features include:
• Message your friends via the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Wii or PS3
• Portable Keypad supports 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Similar to mobile phone keypads, with soft rubber keys
• Adapters to mount on a PS3 six axis wireless controller or
Nintendo Wii Classic controllers, or it can be held in your hands
• USB dongle antenna transmits signals for wireless play
Package includes:
• One Portable Keyboard
• Plastic adapter mount for the PS3 Sixaxis controller
• Plastic adapter mount for the Wii classic controller
• Wireless antenna USB key
Compatible with the following Wii games:
• Animal Crossing: City folk
and all video games that require you to enter information
• Using the Opera web browser in the Wii you can log on to your Gmail, Yahoo or
Hotmail email account to write and send a quick e-mail
Compatible with the following PS3 games:
• LittleBigPlanet™
and all video games that require you to enter information
*One portable keypad in each box
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