Download Axis 206/207 Ceiling Mount Housing

AXIS 206/207
Ceiling Mount Housing
For AXIS 206 and 207 Network Cameras
The AXIS Ceiling Mount Housing protects the AXIS 206 and AXIS
207 Network Cameras in indoor environments. The housing is ideal
for retail, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and even
residential. Made of steel with a black powder-finish and a opticalgrade polycarbonate dome it is designed for a quick and simple
installation recessing into a ceiling.
n Indoor installation
n Tailor-made for the AXIS 206 and AXIS 207 Network Cameras.
n “No Tools Required” for camera positioning and removal.
AXIS 206/207 Ceiling Mount Housing
Technical Data
•Durable steel construction with black power-coat finish.
•Optical-graded polycarbonate dome.
•Indoor installation only
•Operating temperature: 41°F-104°F (5°C-40°C)
Dimensions and Weight
•Product dimensions (H x W):
5.217 x 4.985 inches
•Unit Weight: 1.30 lbs.
•Shipping Weight: 1.78 lbs.
•Upper unit: Steel construction with black powder-coat finish. Plenum rated; Meets UBC 4305-A
•Lower unit: Optical-grade polycarbonate
•Safety: All included electrical components are UL approved
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