Download Mitsumi FQ 180 Keyboard Ergonomic, Beige

FQ-First Quality Line
FQ 100
Keyboard Business
FQ 120
Keyboard Classic
FQ 180
Keyboard Ergonomic
FQ 2000
Keyboard Millennium
MITSUMI Keyboards offer, in addition to their compact construction, a long life expectancy
and an optimally adjusted key pressure point with improved key feel for exhaustion-free
typing, even for longer texts. In addition to the abrasion-resistant keys and the low power
consumption, MITSUMI keyboards are also equipped with a variety of special functions,
according to model, which make working even more pleasant.
FQ 100 Keyboard Business
This keyboard has the special "FN" key functions, in order to set the key repeat rate or to
lock the keyboard, for example.
FQ 120 Keyboard Classic
Durable, reliable, easy to use, and robust – the classic keyboard for all areas of use. In a
neutral design.
FQ 180 Keyboard Ergonomic
An ergonomic typing position is achieved with the use of the included supporting surface for
the hands. Ideal for exhaustion-free typing for longer texts.
FQ 2000 Keyboard Millennium
With 15 additional Hot Keys, computer commands consisting of several steps can now be
executed with the touch of a button. In addition to pre-programmed keys – such as Internet
access, shut down computer, or start application – there are also keys available for individual
Model number:
FQ 100 Keyboard Business
PC/AT compatible 104/105
key version
PS/2 Interface
Cable length:
Additional features: Special "FN” keys function,
adjustable tilt mechanism
FQ 120Keyboard Classic
PC/AT compatible
104/105 key version
PS/2 Interface
Adjustable tilt mechanism
FQ 180 Keyboard Ergonomic
PC/AT compatible
104/105 key version
PS/2 Interface
Including hand rest,
adjustable tilt mechanism
FQ 2000 Keyboard Millennium
PC/AT compatible
104/105 key version
PS/2 Interface
15 special Hot Keys,
adjustable tilt mechanism
System Requirements:
PC with minimum:
Windows® compatible PC with PS/2 port
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