Download SIMATIC HMI HMI Device TP 177A, TP 177B, OP

"Transfer" mode
an operating mode of the HMI device in which an executable project is transferred from the
configuration computer to an HMI device.
Acknowledging an alarm confirms that you have noted it.
Controller of the SIMATIC S5 series such as the AG S5-115U, for example
Alarm logging
Output of user-specific alarms to a printer, in parallel to their output to the
HMI device screen.
Alarm, acknowledging
Acknowledging an alarm confirms that you have noted it.
Alarm, activated
Moment at which an alarm is triggered by the controller or HMI device.
Alarm, deactivated
Moment at which the initiation of an alarm is reset by the controller.
Alarm, user-specific
A user-specific alarm can be assigned to one of the following alarm classes:
● Error
● Operation
● User-specific alarm classes
A user-specific alarm designates a certain operating status of the plant connected to the
HMI device via the controller.
TP 177A, TP 177B, OP 177B (WinCC flexible)
Operating Instructions, 08/2008, 6AV6691-1DG01-0AB1