Download User Manual - Software Installation

User Manual
Software Installation
Version: 1.3
Windows 7
Date: 08-05-2014
In NUWS it is possible to install some software yourself or to make a request for additional software
at the ISSC Helpdesk.
Run Advertised Programs
With the Run Advertised Programs it is possible to install some additional software yourself.
In the example below, we are going to install FireFox
1) Select the Windows button, followed by the Control Panel
2) Select “Run Advertised Programs”
3) Select “Mozilla FireFox…” and then select “Run”
4) When FireFox installation has been completed, you will notice the date/time information in the
Last Run Time column and Last Status: Succesful
Other Programs
If you are in need of other software, please contact the ISSC Helpdesk or fill in a request form on the
ISSC website.