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ASP4925MKEU | Targus Defcon® Master Key Cable Lock
Targus DEFCON® KL is a key locking security cable for your
laptop. A sturdy locking device featuring a steel cable with a pass
through loop on one end and key lock on the other, any attempts to
remove the cable lock will noticeably damage the laptop,
preventing resale and therefore discouraging theft.
The lock utilises the security lock slot already built into your laptop.
Each DEFCON® KL is supplied with 2 identical keys giving you the
peace of mind of a back-up key.
This product is bulked packed in a set consisting of 25 pieces.
Two master keys are supplied, enabling secure access to all locks
even when keys are misplaced.
Deters theft, protects your laptop, projector or monitor equipped with a lock slot
Designed to fit the security slot already built into your laptop
Key locking mechanism
185cm vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable protects your laptop
Product Name
Targus Defcon® Master Exterior Dimensions
185 cm cable
Key Cable Lock
Model Number
Steel cable
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
2 Year Limited Warranty
Black / Silver
0.221 Kgs
Lock slot
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.