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Product Specification Sheet
Targus DEFCON® 1 Retractable Cable Lock for Laptops
Part #: ASP29US
Product Description:
The Targus DEFCON® 1 Retractable Cable Lock for
Notebooks is designed to secure a notebook on the go
and also has the ability to lock sporting equipment and
other personal belongings. Perfect for students or
travelers, the DEFCON 1 includes a lock slot adapter,
making it easy to secure your notebook to a stationary
item in dorm rooms, libraries and hotel rooms. For added
security, the lock features a 4-digit user-resettable
combination with 10,000 different combinations possible.
The combination can be reset by the user at anytime to
help avoid a security breach. The lock slot adapter is
easily stored inside of the retractable lock’s casing for
maximum portability. The lock is compact and lightweight
and can also help deter the theft of backpacks,
snowboards and other personal belongings in areas that
are crowded and potentially less secure.
Product Features and Specifications:
Protection - Designed to easily and quickly secure notebooks, sporting equipment and other
personal belongings; includes lock slot adapter and features a user-resettable combination –
up to 10,000 different combinations possible
Convenience - The lock retracts into a durable casing that also stores the lock adapter;
compact form factor provides an easy to use, highly portable lock system, perfect for travel
Materials – Galvanized steel cable
Product Name
Targus DEFCON® 1
Retractable Cable Lock
for Laptops
Exterior Material
Galvanized Steel Cable
Model Number
Limited One
Street Cost
5 oz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.