Download Miele F12011 S-1 freezer

Cleaning and care
Before cleaning
Make sure that no water can
penetrate into electronic unit or into
the ventilation gaps.
^ Switch the appliance off.
Do not use steam cleaning
apparatus to clean the appliance.
Steam could reach electrical
components and cause a short
^ Take any frozen food out of the
appliance and store it in a cool place.
The data plate located inside the
appliance must not be removed. It
contains information which is required
in the event of a service call.
To avoid damaging the surface of
your appliance, do not use:
– cleaning agents containing soda,
ammonia, acids or chlorides,
– cleaning agents containing
descaling agents,
– abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.
powder cleaners and cream
– solvent-based cleaning agents,
– stainless steel cleaning agents,
– dishwasher cleaner,
– oven sprays,
– glass cleaning agents,
– hard, abrasive sponges and
brushes, e.g. pot scourers,
– melamine eraser blocks,
– sharp metal scrapers.
^ Disconnect the appliance from the
^ Take out any removable parts for
^ Defrost the freezer.
Cleaning the interior and
^ Use lukewarm water with a little
washing-up liquid.
The ice cube tray (depending on model) is dishwasher safe.
The temperature of the dishwasher
programme must not exceed 55 °C.
Contact with some foodstuffs, such
as carrots, tomatoes or ketchup can
cause plastic items to discolour.
However, this discolouration will not
affect the stability of plastic items.
^ Clean the drawers and glass cold
plates by hand. They are not suitable
for cleaning in a dishwasher.
^ After cleaning, wipe the interior and
accessories with a damp cloth and
dry with a soft cloth.
Leave the door open to air the
appliance for a short while.