Download Miele FN 12540 S

Problem solving guide
. . . the interior light is not working.
^ Was the door left open for too long?
The lighting switches itself off
automatically after approx. 15
If this is not the case, then the lamp is
^ Disconnect the appliance from the
mains. Switch off at the wall and
withdraw the plug from the socket, or
disconnect the mains fuse or remove
the screw-out fuse in countries where
this is applicable.
^ Unscrew the lamp and replace it with
a new one.
Lamp specification:
220 - 240 V, max. 25 W, E 14 fitting.
^ Screw the new lamp into the
If you still cannot remedy the fault
having followed these suggestions,
please contact the Miele Service
To prevent unnecessary loss of
temperature it is advisable not to
open the door while waiting for the
appliance to be serviced.