Download Siemens KI32VA50GB Owner`s manual

City Car Club’s range of self-service cars and vans are available 24/7 for rent by the hour,
day, week or month. Book any car in the fleet online or over the phone and then use your
smart enabled membership car. The City cars and vans are parked in their own designated
bays and can be booked and can be rented for as little as half an hour from just £4.95 per
hour. At the end of the booking, they are returned to the same designated bay they were
picked up from, so there is always a parking space waiting for you.
City Car Club has a large fleet of cars and vans spread in dense networks across an everincreasing number of UK cities (browse through car locations). With City Car Club you only
pay for the time you actually need it, therefore you are not wasting money paying for a
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