Download Siemens Gigaset C300 Specifications

Gigaset C300-C300A / USA-CAN EN / A31008-M2203-R301-1-3S19 / / 25.08.2010
Base station settings
Activating deactivating advisory
tones/battery low tone
Base station settings
Your handset uses advisory tones to tell you
about different activities and statuses. These
can be activated and deactivated independently of each other:
u Advisory Tones
– Confirmation tone: at the end of an
entry/setting and when a new entry
arrives in the answering machine list
or in the call list
– Error tone: when you make an incorrect entry
– Menu end tone: when scrolling to the
end of a menu
– Key click: every key press is confirmed.
u Battery Low
The battery requires charging.
t ¤ Advisory Tones / Battery Low
Select and press §OK§ to activate
or deactivate (³= activated).
The base settings are carried out using a registered Gigaset handset.
u Volume:
You can choose between five volumes
and the "crescendo" ring (¢ page 44).
Select "0" to deactivate the base ringer.
u Ringtones:
You can set a ringer melody for external
calls (¢ page 44).
u Time control:
You can specify when the base should
not ring (e.g., during the night).
§Menu§ ¤ Settings ¤ Audio Settings
¤ Ringtones (Base) ¤ Ringer Volume /
Ringer Melody / Time Control
For more information on adjusting the
settings, see page 44.
Restoring the handset
default settings
music on hold
Version 4, 16.09.2005
You can reset individual settings and
changes that you have made.
The following settings are not affected by a
u Registration of the handset to the base
u Date & time
u Entries in the directory, call lists
§Menu§ ¤ Settings ¤ System ¤ Reset Handset
Confirm prompt.
Changing ringtones
§Menu§ ¤ Settings ¤ Telephony
¤ Music on Hold
Press §OK§ to activate or deactivate music on
hold (³= on).