Download Siemens C450 Specifications

Gigaset C450 IP / GBR PTT / A31008-M1713-L151-1-7619 / / 15.5.06
Handset settings
Changing ringtones
Activating/deactivating the ringtone
u Volume:
You can turn off the ringtone on your
handset before you take a call or while the
phone is in idle status.You can take a call
as long as it is displayed on the screen.
Five volume levels (1–5; e.g. Volume 2
= ˆ) and "crescendo" ring ‰. With
"crescendo" ring, the volume gets
louder with every ring.
u Melody:
List of pre-loaded ringtone melodies.
The first three melodies are the "classical" ringtones.
You can also set different melodies for the
following functions:
u External Calls: for external calls
u Internal Calls: for internal calls
u Alarm Clock: for the alarm clock
Setting the ringtone volume
The ringtone volume is the same for all
types of ring.
§Menu§ ¢ Audio Settings ¢ Ringer Volume
Or in idle status:
Press briefly.
Adjust the volume and press
Press and hold (idle status).
Setting ringtone melody
Version 4, 16.09.2005
Set different ringtone melodies for external calls, internal calls and the alarm clock.
§Menu§ ¢ Audio Settings ¢ Ringer Melody
External Calls / Internal Calls / Alarm Clock
Select and press §OK§.
Select melody (‰ = on) and
press §OK§.
Press and hold (idle status).
Deactivating the ringtone
Press the star key and hold,
until the Ú icon appears in the
Re-activating the ringtone
Press and hold the star key in
idle status.
Activating/deactivating muting
of the first ringtone
The phone identifies an incoming SMS
from the first network signal.
§Menu§ 4 I O 1 O
~ 1 §OK§
First ringtone muted.
~ Q §OK§ First ringtone audible.
Please note:
If first ringtone muting is deactivated,
then every incoming SMS will be signalled
by a ringtone. If you take this type of "call"
at the first ringtone, you will lose the SMS.
Advisory tones
Your handset uses ‘advisory tones’ to tell
you about different activities and statuses. You can activate or deactivate the
following tones: