Download Canon iP90 - PIXMA Color Inkjet Printer Specifications

Remaining Ink Level Setting
When you replace the ink tank or you wish to see the Ink Level Information,
follow the procedure below.
(1) Ink Counter Reset
Resets the ink counter to an initial value. If you click here, the Ink
Counter Reset panel opens. Next, click the Black Ink Tank check
box or Color Ink Tank check box and click OK.
Important Reset the ink counter whenever installing a new ink
tank. If you do not reset the ink counter the Ink Level
Information will not display properly.
(2) Remaining Ink Level Indicator Setting
Sets whether the Ink Level Information will display or not.
Important As the default setting, Display the Remaining Ink
Level is checked. If you uncheck this option, there is no
need to reset the Ink Counter, however the remaining
ink level will not display in the Ink Level Information.