Download Canon iP90 - PIXMA Color Inkjet Printer Specifications

Custom Settings
Changes the printer mode.
(1) Auto Power Off Setting
This allows you to turn the printer off when no data is sent to the
printer for a certain period of time.
(2) Ink Drying Wait Time
You can set the time between printing pages. Moving the slide bar to
the right lengthens the time and moving it to the left reduces the time
between printing pages.
Note If a printed page is not dry when the next page comes out
of the printer, the back of the paper may be smudged. In
this case, it may be beneficial to lengthen the time
between printing pages. If you shorten the time between
printing pages, print speed will increase.
(3) Change the print data size to match the port.
This setting allows you to shorten the print time. Especially if the
printer is connected to a low-speed port such as an IrDA or Bluetooth
option except for USB connection.