Download Asus AGP-V2740 User`s manual

IMPORTANT: If your hard disk was already formatted on an older previous system,
incorrect parameters may be detected. You will need to enter the correct parameters
manually or use low-level format if you do not need the data stored on the hard disk.
If the parameters listed differ from the ones used when the disk was formatted, the
disk will not be readable. If the auto-detected parameters do not match the ones that
should be used for your disk, do not accept them. Press <N> to reject the presented
settings and enter the correct ones manually from the Standard CMOS Setup screen.
Save & Exit Setup
(Save & Exit)
Select this option to save into the CMOS memory all modifications you specified
during the current session. To save the configuration changes, highlight the “Save
& Exit Setup” option on the main screen, type “Y”, and then press <Enter>.
Exit Without Saving
Select this option to exit the Setup utility without saving the modifications you specify
during the current session. To exit without saving, highlight the “Exit Without Saving” option on the main screen and then press <Enter>.
ASUS P2B User’s Manual