Download Siemens Gigaset C685 IP User guide

Gigaset C610-C610A IP / AUS / A31008-M2312-C401-1-7619 / / 03.04.12
Setting the alarm clock
Setting the alarm clock
Prerequisite: the date and time have already been set.
Activating/deactivating the alarm clock and setting the wake-up
v ¢ É ¢ Alarm Clock
¤ You can enter data in the following fields:
Select On or Off.
Enter the wake-up time in 4-digit format.
Set the volume (1–6).
Select the melody.
Press the display key.
The ¼ icon and wake up time are shown in idle status.
A wake-up call is shown on the display (¢ page 4) and signalled with the selected
ringtone melody. The wake-up call sounds for 60 seconds. If no key is pressed, the
wake-up call is repeated twice at five minute intervals and then switched off.
During a call, the wake-up call is only signalled by a short tone.
Deactivating the wake-up call/repeating after a pause
(snooze mode)
Version 4, 16.09.2005
Prerequisite: a wake-up call is sounding.
Press the display key. The wake-up call is deactivated.
Press the display key or any key. The wake-up call is deactivated and
then repeated after 5 minutes. After the second repetition the wake-up
call is deactivated completely.