Download Siemens Gigaset C685 IP User guide

Gigaset C610-C610A IP / AUS / A31008-M2312-C401-1-7619 / / 03.04.12
Using directories
Adding a displayed number to the directory
You can add numbers to the directory:
u From a list e.g., the call list, answering machine list, incoming SMS message list
or the redial list
u From the text of an SMS
u From a public online directory or the Yellow Pages
u From your private net directory
u When dialling a number
A number is displayed:
¢ Copy to Directory
Press the display key.
The directory is opened. You can create a new entry or extend an existing entry.
Select <New Entry> or the directory entry and press §OK§.
Select the type of phone number ä / k / l and press §OK§.
The number is copied into the corresponding field.
If the number field is already occupied, Overwrite existing number? is displayed.
Press the display key to overwrite the number. If you select §No§, you are
asked to select another type of phone number.
¤ If necessary, complete the entry (¢ page 74).
Please note
For a new entry:
u If you are copying a number from an online directory, the surname or nickname (if available) are copied into the First Name field.
u The message playback is interrupted during the number transfer from the
answering machine list.
Copying a number or e-mail address from the directory
Version 4, 16.09.2005
In some operating situations, you can open the directory to copy a number or email address, for example. Your handset need not be in idle status.
¤ Depending on the operating situation, open the directory with s or ö.
Select entry (¢ page 75).