Download Emerson ZX Product manual

ZX Platform Condensing Unit
Diagnostic Protection
Increased Reliability and Lower Maintenance Costs
More Installation Options
Highest Efficiency
Lower Energy Bills
ZXD Series
ZX and ZXL Series
- Shuts down unit during failure
- With real time monitoring of
compressor operating conditions
Variable Speed PSC
Fan Motors
• High Efficiency
• Ultra Quiet
•Optimizes Air-Flow
for Maximum
Heat Transfer
Proprietary Electronic Algorithms to Control Fan
Speed, Optimizing Energy Performance for Local
Seasonal Ambient Temperatures
Built-in ZX Platform
•Compressor Reverse Rotation
•Compressor Over Current
•Compressor Internal Motor Protector Trip
•Discharge Gas Over Heat
•High Pressure Cut Out
•Low Pressure Cut Out (only on MT series)
•Refrigerant Flood Back
•Compressor Minimum Off Time
•Internal Thermal Sensor Failure
Copeland Scroll
Compressor Technology
•High Efficiency
• Ultra Quiet
• High Reliability
Oversized Condenser Coil
for Maximum Heat Transfer
Figure 03. ZX Platform CDU Features
Standard Unit Features
• Pre-painted enclosures for corrosion protection.
• Heavy duty steel base with 23 mm raised legs.
• Brass service valves located externally for
easy access.
• Raised electrical access panel for easier
• Receivers with fusible plug, liquid shut-off valve
and charging port.
• Easy to read moisture indicator.
• Variable-speed PSC fan motors.
• Advanced performance alert diagnostics.
• Over-sized condenser coils with additional fin
corrosion protection for coastal zones.
• Light weight, slim-line profile for maneuverability
and ease of installation.
• All units are factory tested for braze joint leaks,
wiring connections, electrical continuity and startup performance.
• Oil separator and accumulator standard on low
temperature models.
• Operating ambient is 48°C to -23°C*.