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ZX Platform Condensing Unit
Physical Layout of the ZX Platform CDU
The unique features of ZX platform CDU as described above are quite different from the conventional CDUs available in the market.
Apart from this, ZX platform CDU also comes with a package of other conventional features which are part of a well designed
condensing unit.
ZX- MT, ZXL-LT E2 Controller
ZXD Digital Scroll Controller
Scroll Compressor
Figure 05: Identifies the electronic controller assembly on a ZX Platform CDU
Oil Separator
(Optional In MT CDU)
Liquid Receiver
Liquid Sight Glass/
Moisture Indicator
Liquid Filter Drier
Suction And Liquid
Service Valve
Receiver Out Service Valve
Compressor Oil Sight Glass
Figure 06: Identifies other major components layout on a ZX Platform CDU