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Created:July 20, 1994
Modified:September 27, 2001
ICD 13—Standard Controller
Bret Goodrich, Andrew Johnson and Corinne Boyer
This document describes the VME hardware and software which
makes up a Gemini Standard Controller.
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This document describes the hardware and software for the Gemini Standard Controller,
comprising the basic enclosure and VME cards needed to make up an EPICS system for
use at the Gemini telescopes. This document will be used while specifying and costing
the IOC, and also after the goods are delivered to set them up and perform a brief acceptance test.
1.2 Scope
The document supersedes previous hardware descriptions of the Standard Instrument
Controller (SIC) work package, specifically [1]. Later revisions of this document will
also supersede SIC software descriptions [2].
1.3 Applicable Document
The following documents are referenced in the text. They should be read when further
information is required on a topic.
ICD 13—Standard Controller
Hardware Installation, Andrew Johnson, RGO.
Software Installation, Andrew Johnson, RGO.
Microcomputer Packaging, Edition 1, Elma Electronics.
MVME712 Transition Module and P2 Adapter Board User’s Manual, Motorola
Computer Group, MVME712M/D2A2.
MVME167 Single Board Computer Installation Guide, Motorola Computer
Group, MVME167IG/D3.
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