Download Mitsubishi Electric Apricot FT1200 User`s guide

System BIOS and Setup
Power On Self Test
The POST can be selected to either run only a ‘Quick’ set of tests
or a more thorough (but longer) ‘Enhanced’ set.
Virus Detection
If this option is ‘Enabled’, each time the computer boots the BIOS
will check the startup device to find if a boot sector virus has crept
in. This is not an infallible check against the newer types of viruses,
but it can help.
Advanced Setup
Any settings changed here, if incorrect, may cause the system to halt or
may cause your software to malfunction. A warning about this appears
on the screen when you choose Advanced Setup from the menu.
Cache Control
A simple dialog allows you to enable or disable the computer’s
memory cache. Some older software is speed sensitive and on rare
occasions you may need to disable the cache.
ROM Shadowing
To shadow ROM means to copy its contents into the computer
system or random-access memory (RAM). ROM has longer access
times and the processor can access RAM faster than ROM. Also, the
contents of RAM can be cached for even greater performance. All of
the computer system BIOS ROM is shadowed.
The ROM Shadowing option allows you to shadow video BIOS
and up to three 32 Kbytes areas of expansion card ROM (that is,
ROM fitted on ISA or PCI expansion cards) addressed between
C8000h and DFFFFh.
Shadowing is only appropriate for expansion card ROM. It must not be
enabled for expansion card RAM.