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Printing with Epson Drivers for Macintosh | 63
Choosing Roll Paper Options
If you are printing on roll paper, make sure you choose one of the roll paper
options under the size setting, as described on page 54. In addition, you need
to check these settings for various cutting options.
1. Select Roll Paper Option from the drop-down menu shown below.
You see this screen:
2. Choose one of the following Auto Cut settings:
Normal Cut allows margin space at the top and bottom of each
Double Cut extends the space between the images and trims each
print individually. This provides the cleanest edge for borderless
Single Cut causes the images to be printed end-to-end and saves
paper. With borderless printing, you may see a sliver of the previous
or next image.
Off disables automatic cutting. Choose this setting if you want to
operate the cutter manually, print multiple print jobs without
cutting, or if you are printing on heavy media that must be cut by
See page 48 for instructions on using the button to operate the
cutter. See page 42 for a list of media that do not work with the
built-in cutter.