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- Holds Five Gallons for Showering & Washing Even Where Water is Scarce
- Provides Gentle, Steady Water Stream; Requires No Batteries or Electricity
- Flexible Hose is Removable; Showerhead is Complete w/Turn On-Off Cap
- Bag Features One Clear Side for Warming Water Under Sun up to 120°F
- Weighs Next to Nothing When Empty & Packs Flat for Storage Anywhere
Camping? Take your shower along.
This simple and useful Ivation shower bag is designed for outdoorsmen who want a shower/washing station on the go.
If you’re hiking, camping or climbing out of reach of running water etc., you’ll want to pack one of these. It holds 5
gallons of water, enough for a person plus a pet. The shower action is powered by good old gravity: Simply hang it on a
tree branch, and the weight of the water results in a steady, gentle stream.
Keep water cool. Or warm it from sun.
If you want to cool off after an energetic hike, keep the shower bag in the shade. The Ivation shower bag also features
a clear back to allow for sunlight to penetrate into the water. When you hang it in the sun for 2-3 hours, the water
warms up. On a bright, sunny day, it can reach temperatures up to 120°F. To keep you from stepping into too-hot or toocold water, a clever temperature gauge is integrated into the back of the bag.
Manually control the flow of water.
The end of the flexible shower hose is fitted with a removable showerhead. This head features a turn-to-unlock/lock
cap, which spares you the need to pinch the hose when you want to stop the flow of water. For additional leak
protection, the bag features a tough 4-ply construction of PVC layers. You’ll also find a handy carrying handle and a
side pocket for soap and shampoo. Weighs 420g. Measures 47x50cm (irregular shape).
Directions for Use:
1. Attach hose to water outlet. Check that showerhead cap is closed.
2. Fasten hose in place with hose straps. Point head upwards.
3. Open water inlet and fill with clean water. Do not exceed 5 gallons.
4. Replace cover. Hang shower on branch or bar and extend hose.
5. Turn showerhead cap to start water flow.
About the Temperature Gauge:
The temperature gauge indicates water temperature by changing color. For instance: At 32°C, the ‘90’ digits turn
colorful. At 33°C, the ‘91’ digits turn colorful.
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