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Aspire User Manual
Thanks for your support on Aspire BDC(Bottom Dual Coil) Clearomizer.
Before you start using the atomizer, please read this user manual carefully to help ensure that you
use it rightly.
The manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference.
Fill atomizer:
1. Unscrew the bottom
2. Fill the E-liquid
Don’t fill the E-liquid
The Liquid height can
into the center.
not over the pole
3. Screw the bottom
4. Put the clearomizer upright for one minute.
1. Check the right thread you need
2. Screw onto the battery
Replace the Coil Head:
1. Unscrew the bottom
2. Screw off the used coil head
3. Replace the new coil head
When necessary,use a tissue paper to clean the atomizer shell and use water to clean inside.
We do not accept any warranty/indemnity claims in case of wrong usage.If you are carrying the kit
with you,please carry it separately in order to avoid scratches or damage due to collision with
other parts such as keys and mobile phones.The use of any undedicated components will lead to
malfunction for scratches on the body of the kit will not be accepted.Warranty claims for scratches
on the body of the atomizer used with this device will not accepted.
For your safety make sure that you do not leave the Kit unattended while it is recharging.
In the case that a problem should arise with this product,please go to your retailer/seller,and do not
try to dismantle the kit yourself.
Keep away from high temperature and/or humid environment.Keep the device and its components
out of the reach of children or pets,and avoid improper operation.Keep the glassomizer in safe
height to prevent breakage.