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Product Announcement Information Sheet
Product Name
Model Number
Part Number
UPC Code
RemotePoint Wireless Presentation Suite
71526206322 8
Dimensions/Weight per Single
21.7 x 7.2 x 2.1 inch; 2.12 lb
552 x 182 x 52 mm; 0.96 kg
Dimensions/Weight per Shipping 24.7 x 22.4 x 8.1 inch; 26.13 lb
628 x 568 x 204 mm; 11.85 kg
Quantities per Shipping Carton
10 units
Suggested Retail Price
November 19, 2012
Short Description – 25 Words
• The RemotePoint Wireless Presentation Suite, with its 100-foot wireless
range, pairs a media keyboard and a professional-grade presentation
remote control with bright green laser pointer.
Standard Description – 50 Words
• The RemotePoint Wireless Presentation Suite pairs a rechargeable media
keyboard with a professional-grade presentation remote control with green
laser pointer. With its 100-foot wireless range, the Presentation Suite is
ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, churches and public
speaking venues. Both devices share a common USB receiver dongle.
Long Description – 100 Words
The RemotePoint Wireless Presentation Suite pairs a rechargeable media
keyboard with a professional-grade presentation remote control. With its
100-foot wireless keyboard range and 150-foot wireless remote control
range, the Presentation Suite is ideal for larger boardrooms, meeting
rooms, lecture halls, churches and public speaking venues.
The wireless Media Keyboard, with integrated trackball, mouse buttons
and 12 media hot keys, is ideal for PC control of streaming media; while
the paired presentation remote, with dedicated slide control buttons,
mouse pointing stick, green laser pointer and assignable keys, provides
effortless control of PowerPoint presentations. Both devices share a
common USB receiver dongle.
Reliable 2.4GHz Long Range Radio Frequency
• One receiver dongle supports both keyboard and presenter thus only one
USB port required
• Provides up to 100-foot/30-meter of reliable data transmission range for
the keyboard and 150-foot/45-meter for the presentation remote
• Patented reliable auto-pairing technology enables secured and accurate
RF connection
• Multiple RF channels with auto-scan and channel switching eliminate
potential interference
• Ideal for lecture halls, classrooms, conference rooms, churches, and any
public-speaking settings that require reliable, long range wireless data
Rechargeable Media Keyboard with Mouse Cursor Control Features
Earth-friendly design eliminates the need to replace disposable batteries
Never lose productivity due to power-out or dead batteries
Keyboard conveniently recharges via included charging cable while in use
Designed with auto sleep mode helps conserve battery power
Built-in LED power-low indicator to signal when to recharge
Ideal for institutions and individuals that are conscious about saving
operating costs and reducing hazardous waste to the environment
Slim key construction features reduced key travel distance and minimizes
finger fatigue
Built-in 12 preprogrammed media hot keys enhance productivity
Built-in optical trackball with integrated mouse buttons with scroll wheel
offer full-function mouse controls all on the keyboard
Professional-grade Presentation Remote with Green Laser Pointer
• Built-in green laser pointer with 10x brightness of conventional red laser
pointer offers green highlight visible from distance away and shows on
bright screens
• Integrated complete mouse functionality offers total control
• Four programmable buttons can be customized to send any key
combinations for the ultimate ease of use
• A built-in receiver dongle storage is provided for ease of transport
True Plug-and-Play for Ease of Use
• The 2.4 GHz radio frequency is preset to eliminate the need for pairing
• All functions are built-in therefore no need to install software driver
• True plug-and-play means the device can work instantly upon connecting
to the computer without having to perform tedious setup
Product Specifications
• Connectivity: 2.4GHz RF wireless technology
• System requirements:
o Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
o 2 USB ports: 1 for receiver dongle, 1 for charging the keyboard
• VersaPoint Keyboard:
o Transmission range: up to 100-foot/30-meter
o Slim full-pitch keycap construction with QWERTY 88-key layout
o 12 hot keys: Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Page Up, Page
Down, Home Page, Mouse Left Click, Mouse Right Click, Next
Track, Previous Track, Play/Pause, Stop
o Cursor controls:
§ Optical trackball
§ Mouse left- and right buttonsl
o Power source: 2 x AAA in-use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
o Power management: auto sleep mode with wakeup function and
LED power-low indicator
RemotePoint Jade:
o Transmission range: up to 150-foot / 45-meter
o Green laser pointer
o 360-degree mouse cursor control
o Left- and right-click mouse buttons
o Previous slide, next slide buttons
o 4 programmable buttons
o Downloadable utility file for button programming
o Receiver dongle storage
o Power source: 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Dimensions and Weight
• VersaPoint Keyboard:
o Length: 15.2 inch / 386.5 mm
o Width: 5.2 inch / 132.5 mm
o Height: 1.1 inch / 26.3 mm
o Weight: 0.9 lb / 410 g
• RemotePoint Jade:
o Length: 6.3 inch / 160 mm
o Width: 1.5 inch / 38 mm
o Height: 1.1 inch / 27 mm
o Weight: 2.7 oz / 75.4 g
Package Contents
• VersaPoint Keyboard:
o Rechargeable wireless media keyboard
o USB receiver dongle
o 2 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
o USB charging cable
o USB adapter for RF pairing
o User’s manual
• RemotePoint Jade:
o Presentation remote control
o 2 AA alkaline batteries
o User’s manual
• 12 months limited warranty