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Beaumont Soccer Association
Indoor Team Official Information - General
EMSA Coach Schedule Pickup - Oct 15/16 – refer to the link on the BSA home page
All u8 and up community and Teams. One representative from each team required to get 3 facility
passes. If no representative is present only one facility access pass will be given.
Emergency Medical Info
The Emergency Medical Information was entered into the BSA system at time of registrations.
Refer to the Team Officials User Manual for how to access them and email to yourself for Printing.
Medical Information sheets printed should be handed in to BSA with your equipment or shredded
at the end of the season.
Game and Practice Schedules
All game schedules are all available online on your Team Page (Parents/Players page). Team
Officials can use their team official login to add and change practice details. Refer to the Team
Officials User Manual for how to do this.
Play Evaluations – U8 and Up
Player Evaluations are done online at the end of the season for age groups U8 and up, these will
be used going forward to form the tiered teams for U10 and up.
Refer to the Team Officials User Manual for how to enter a player evaluation.
Jerseys and T-shirts
You will get your t-shirts/jerseys with your equipment.
U4 and U6: T-shirts are donated by Tim Hortons and can be kept at the end of the season.
U8 and up: Jerseys must be returned to BSA at the end of the season – IMPORTANT: Record the
players jersey number on your Jersey count sheet (and in the system if you want).
Photo Day
Photo Day is Nov 3, You time slot will be added to your schedule.
BSA encourages all teams to attend tournaments, the Tournament Subsidy Reimbursement Policy
on the web site describes the amounts and the process for claiming the reimbursement.
BSA SOP Manual created April, 2013
2012 Beaumont Soccer Association