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CTA Digital’s Universal mobile phone cooling fan cradle with
gooseneck cigarette adaptor will make using your mobile device in
your vehicle safer and easier all while keeping the phone cool to the
touch. Your mobile device is held by soft-padded, adjustable
clamps making it hands-free and safe to listen to on speaker
phone. This device is great when using GPS on your phone, keeping it at a fixed level by the adjustable gooseneck stand for proper
viewing angle. Cooling your hot to the touch phone is accomplished
by a small, quiet fan, preventing your device from overheating. The
mobile cooling cradle will provide you with a securely held, handsfree device that’ll allow you to drive even safer.
Features Include:
• Soft, padded clamps for Universal mobile phone compatibility
• Flexible Gooseneck cigarette adaptor
• Cools mobile device while in use
• USB Slot to charge USB powered mobile phone chargers
• On/Off power switch
• Blue LED light to indicate power
Compatible with the following mobile phones and many other
mobile devices that fit within a 2.5’’ wide cradle:
• iPhone, iPhone 3GS
• iPod®
• Blackberry ®: Curve, Bold, Tour, Storm, Storm 2
• PalmTM Trio
*iPhone and iPod Touch not included
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