Download CTA Digital Adjustable Weight Dumbbell For Wii

Build muscle by adding more resistance to your Wii™ Fit workouts with the adjustable
weight dumbbell set for Wii. These dumbbells are specifically designed to enclose the Wii
™ Remote (with or without the Wii™ MotionPlus adapter) and Nunchuk in the dumbbell.
To add more weight, just click on the weight rings. Together weighing a total of up to 9.8
lbs, these weights are perfect for cardio, and weight training at home. They provide just the
right amount of weight to your Wii exercise routines; you will wonder how you worked out
without them!
• Connects Wii Remote and Nunchuk cable through openings on ends
• Allows access to all Wii Remote functions
• Non-Slip Silicone skins on the ends of the dumbbells
• Use the remote or nunchuk in either dumbbell
• MotionPlus Compatible
Package includes:
(2) Dumbbells
(4) Extra weights (.12 lbs each) *Wii Remotes, Nunchuk and Wii Motion Plus not included
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