Download SW22R Instructional Manual

Congratulations on purchasing your new Morgan
Joe Morgan started designing amplifiers to create
solutions to the problems he was facing as a
The Morgan SW22R starts with the circuit from
the SW22 and then adds three spring tube driven
reverb. The SW22R offers the same tonality of the
SW22 including its ultra-sensitive pick attack and
singing sustain. The SW22R reverb is also run
parallel to the original tone stack. This means
when the reverb is not being used it is totally out
of the circuit unlike most other guitar amp
reverbs. Intentionally designed to be the loudest
cleanest it could be with 2x6V6s it is still capable
of producing a warm compressed natural
The SW22R takes pedals very well and loves
Fuzzes, boosts, OD’s, phasers, flangers, tremolos,
wahs, and all types of delay pedals. This amp was
designed to interface with all of your pedals
modern or vintage.
• Incredibly versatile single channel amp
• 22-watt 2X 6V6 Power Tubes
• 3x 12ax7s
• Solid State Rectifier
• Bass, Mid and Treble controls
• Master Level control
• Volume control
• Bright switch
• Bass emphasis switch
• Tube Driven 3 spring reverb
• Custom transformers and capacitors.
We recommend that you start with the tone
controls in the 12 o’clock position. Set the Vol
level to about 11 o’clock and then increase the
Level control to the volume level you need.
The Volume and Level controls are interactive.
Your highest levels of clean will be with the
volume control below 3 o’clock. Above 3 o’clock
you are adding gain to the power section of the
Now that you have your gain and volume set
experiment with the bass, mid, treble, bright
switch and bass emphasis switch.
The reverb control has a wide range of sweep, use
to taste.
We know you will love your new SW22R. If you
have any questions or help don’t hesitate to email
us [email protected] or call Morgan
Amplification at 714 841 5302.