Download Hama Media-Player MP20

Setup and connection
Checking contents and packaging
The device is supplied with the following components as standard:
● Full HD media player
● Audio/video cables
● Remote control
● 2 type AAA batteries (for remote control)
● AC adapter (AC/DC power adapter)
● User manual
► Check for visible signs of damage or missing items on delivery.
Report incomplete or damaged items to your supplier/retailer
Disposal of the packaging
The packaging protects the device against damage during transit.
The packaging materials have been selected according to environmental and waste disposal aspects and can therefore be recycled.
Recycling the packaging material for further use saves raw materials
and reduces the waste. When no longer required, dispose of the
packaging materials in accordance with the local regulations.
► If possible, keep the original packaging during the warranty period in order to be able to pack the device properly in the event of
a warranty claim.