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Setup and connection
Requirements for the place of operation
For safe and trouble-free operation of the device, the installation
location has to satisfy the following requirements:
■ The device must be set up on a solid, flat and horizontal surface.
■ The device is designed for operation within an ambient temperature range of +5°C to +35°C.
■ Do not use the device in a hot, wet or very humid environment.
■ Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
■ Do not install the device in the vicinity of magnetic fields.
■ Make sure that there is sufficient space for ventilation.
■ The mains socket must be easily accessible and enable fast
disconnection in the event of an emergency.
Electrical connection
For safe and trouble-free operation of the device, the following instructions have to be observed for the electrical connection:
■ The device is supplied with 5V DC voltage via the AC adapter
provided. Only use the AC adapter provided when connecting to
the mains supply.
■ Before connecting the device, compare the connection data of the
AC adapter (voltage and frequency) on the rating plate with those
of your mains supply. This data must correspond in order to avoid
damage to the device.
■ Make sure that the adapter cable does not come in contact with
hot surfaces or sharp edges.
■ Make sure that the adapter cable is not stretched tightly or twisted.
■ Do not allow the adapter cable to hang over edges (danger of
■ If the device is not to be used for a longer period of time, disconnect the AC adapter from the mains supply.