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2012年1月5日 木曜日 午後1時2分
H or F
(“ ” stands for a number.)
¾ There is something unusual.
¾ Check the unit using the troubleshooting
guide. If the service number remains
displayed, do the following.
1 Disconnect the plug from the household
mains socket wait a few seconds, then
reconnect it.
2 Press [Í/I] to turn the unit on.
If the service number remains displayed despite
doing the above, request service from the dealer.
Inform the dealer of the service number when
requesting service.
¾ The system is being restarted during the
firmware update. Please do not turn off the
(“ ” stands for a number.)
¾ The firmware is being updated.
Please do not turn off the unit.
¾ The firmware update is complete.
Restriction on use of
unauthorized copied content
This unit adopts the following technology for
copyright protection.
Cinavia Notice
This product uses Cinavia technology to limit
the use of unauthorized copies of some
commercially-produced film and videos and
their soundtracks. When a prohibited use of an
unauthorized copy is detected, a message will
be displayed and playback or copying will be
More information about Cinavia technology is
provided at the Cinavia Online Consumer
Information Center at
To request additional information about Cinavia
by mail, send a postcard with your mailing
address to:
Cinavia Consumer Information Center, P.O.
Box 86851, San Diego, CA, 92138, USA.