Download Sony HDR-PJ740VEB

Recording movies in
various situations
When you want to record the sound clearly
without any interference, such as when you
record a music concert, set [Closer Voice] to
[Face Detection] (p. 70)
Capturing smiles automatically
(Smile Shutter)
A photo is recorded automatically when
the camcorder detects the smile of a
person during movie recording (p. 70).
([Dual Capture] is the default setting.)
The camcorder is
detecting a face.
The camcorder is
detecting a smile
When the frame rate and the recording
mode are set to [50i]/[Highest Quality
], you cannot use
or [50p]/[50p Quality
the Smile Shutter function while recording
movies. Furthermore, when the frame rate is
set to [25p], you cannot use the Smile Shutter
function, either.
Smiles may not be detected depending on
recording conditions, subject conditions, and
the setting of your camcorder.
[Smile Sensitivity] (p. 70)
Selecting the suitable setting
automatically for the recording
situation (Intelligent Auto)
Your camcorder records movies after
selecting the most suitable setting for the
subjects or the situation automatically.
([On] is the default setting.) When the
camcorder detects a subject, the icons that
correspond to the detected conditions are
 [On] 
at the
right bottom of the recording screen
of movies or photos.
Face detection:
The camcorder detects faces, and adjusts
the focus, color and exposure.
(Portrait), (Baby)
Scene detection:
The camcorder selects the most effective
setting automatically, depending on the
(Landscape), (Night
 (Backlight),
Scene), (Spotlight), (Low light),
Camera-shake detection:
The camcorder detects whether camerashake occurs or not, and makes the
optimum compensation.
(Walk), (Tripod)