Download Sony HDR-PJ740VEB

Touch “” displayed on the screen with the
corner of memory card or the like 3 times.
Touch [Cancel] to cancel calibration.
If you did not press the right spot, try the
calibration again.
Do not use a sharp-pointed object for
calibration. Doing so may damage the LCD
You cannot calibrate the LCD screen if it is
rotated, or closed with the screen facing out.
quality typical of a Carl Zeiss lens. Also,
the lens for your camcorder is T -coated
to suppress unwanted reflections and
faithfully reproduce colors.
MTF= Modulation Transfer Function. The
number value indicates the amount of light
from a subject coming into the lens.
About care and storage of the lens
On handling the casing
On handing the LCD screen and the
light-emitting part of flash
If fingerprints or dust make dirty, it is
recommended that you use a soft cloth to
clean it.
About the Carl Zeiss lens
Your camcorder is equipped with a Carl
Zeiss lens, which was developed jointly
by Carl Zeiss, in Germany, and Sony
Corporation, and produces superior
images. It adopts the MTF measurement
system for video cameras and offers a
On charging the pre-installed
rechargeable battery
Your camcorder has a pre-installed
rechargeable battery to retain the date,
time, and other settings even when the
LCD screen is closed. The pre-installed
rechargeable battery is always charged
while your camcorder is connected to the
wall outlet (wall socket) via the AC Adaptor
or while the battery pack is attached. The
rechargeable battery will be fully discharged
in about 3 months if you do not use your
camcorder at all. Use your camcorder after
charging the pre-installed rechargeable
However, even if the pre-installed
rechargeable battery is not charged, the
camcorder operation will not be affected as
long as you are not recording the date.
If the casing is soiled, clean the camcorder body
with a soft cloth lightly moistened with water,
and then wipe the casing with a dry soft cloth.
Avoid the following to avoid damage to the
 Using chemicals such as thinner, benzine,
alcohol, chemical cloths, repellent, insecticide
and sunscreen
 Handling the camcorder with above
substances on your hands
 Leaving the casing in contact with rubber or
vinyl objects for a long period of time
Wipe the surface of the lens clean with a soft
cloth in the following instances:
 When there are fingerprints on the lens
 In hot or humid locations
 When the lens is exposed to salty air such as
at the seaside
Store in a well-ventilated location subject to
little dirt or dust.
To prevent mold, periodically clean the lens as
described above.