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DV Automatic Recording
Flexible Recording via AV input
Recording disc: [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R]
[-RW‹V›] [+R] [+RW]
Recording mode: XP, SP, LP, EP
Recording disc: [HDD] [BD-RE] [BD-R] [RAM] [-R]
[-RW‹V›] [+R] [+RW]
Recording mode: FR
1 Turn off this unit and DV equipment.
1 While stopped
Press [INPUT SELECT] to select the input
3 Turn on this unit.
4 Turn on the DV equipment, and pause play
at the point you want recording to start.
DV Automatic Recording
Record from the DV unit.
Which do you want to record to?
Rec to HDD
Rec to Blu-ray Disc / DVD
5 Select “Rec to HDD” or “Rec to Blu-ray
Disc / DVD”, then press [OK].
6 Press [REC MODE] to select the recording
7 Select “Start”, then press [OK].
To stop recording
Press [∫].
≥ It is not possible to operate the unit from DV equipment.
≥ The DV input cannot be connected to a computer, etc.
≥ The DV equipment name may not be shown correctly.
If the DV automatic recording function does not work
properly, check the connections and settings, and
turn the unit off and back on.
If that does not work, follow the instructions for
manual recording (> 62).
e.g., If you have connected to AV2 input terminals,
select “AV2”.
2 While stopped
3 Select “Others”, then press [OK].
4 Select “Flexible Recording via AV input”,
then press [OK].
Flexible Recording via AV input
Please set recording time. Record in FR mode.
Maximum recording time
8 hour 00 min.
Set recording time
8 Hour
00 Min.
5 Select “Hour” and “Min.” and set the
recording time.
6 Start play on the other equipment.
7 Select “Start”, then press [OK].
With Other Equipment
2 Connect the DV equipment (> 62).
To stop recording partway
Press [∫].
To show the remaining time
Press [STATUS ].