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∫ Settings for Recording
¾ Recording time in EP mode
Select the maximum number of hours for
recording in EP mode (> 112, Recording modes
and approximate recording times).
≥When recording to DVD-RAM using “8 hours”
mode, it may not be possible to play on DVD
¾ Aspect for Recording
Sets the aspect ratio when recording or copying
in except DR mode.
≥If “Automatic” is selected, the title will be
recorded with the original aspect ratio at the
time when recording started (including when
recording started at a commercial, etc.).
≥In the following cases, the programme will be
recorded with the original aspect ratio.
–[BD-RE] [BD-R] When the recording mode is set
to “XP”, “SP”, “LP”, “EP” or “FR”
–[HDD] [RAM] When the recording mode is set to
“XP”, “SP”, “LP”, “EP” or “FR” with the
“Recording Format for DVD” set to “VR format”
≥In the following cases, aspect is fixed to 4:3.
–[-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] When the recording mode is
set to “EP” or “FR (recordings 5 hours or
longer)” mode.
–When recording to a +R, +R DL and +RW.
¾ Recording Format for DVD
You can copy titles to DVD in high speed mode, if
you set to “Video format” when recording a
≥This setting is valid for the following cases:
–Recording from external equipment (including
DV equipment)
–Copying from a finalised DVD-Video disc
≥If high speed copy is not necessary we
recommend setting to “VR format” as the
following restrictions are applied to recorded
titles in case of “Video format”.
–The settings in “Aspect for Recording” (> left)
and in “Bilingual Audio Selection”(> 80) are
applied to titles.
–You cannot switch the audio when watching a
programme via AV input.
¾ BD / DVD Speed for High Speed Copy
Select the speed of high-speed copying.
If “Normal ( Silent )” is selected, the time required
for copying will double (approximately).
Turn on/off the REWIND LIVE TV function.
≥To set “On”, please set “Automatic Standby” to
the setting other than “Off” (> 84)
∫ HDD Management
Press and hold [OK] for 3 seconds to show the
following settings.
¾ Delete all titles
Delete does not work if one or more titles are
Convenient functions
¾ Format HDD
Formatting deletes all contents, and they
cannot be restored. Check carefully before