Siemens S6 GSM User manual Download

7.2.3 Request revision identification +CGMR
This command is used to get the software version.
Application to GSM
GSM to application
get software version
command valid
7.2.4 Capabilities list +GCAP
This command gives the complete capabilities list.
Application to GSM
GSM to application
get capabilities list
supports GSM commands and FAX
7.2.5 Phone activity status +CPAS
This command returns the activity status of the mobile.
Application to GSM
GSM to application
Current activity status
<pas> can have the following values:
0: ready (allow commands from TA/TE)
1: unavailable (does not allow commands)
2: unknown
3: ringing (ringer is active)
4: call in progress
5: asleep (low functionality)
7.2.6 Power off +CPOF
This command stops the GSM software stack and then the hardware layer.
Application to GSM
GSM to application
stop GSM stack
command valid
7.2.7 Set phone functionality +CFUN
This command selects the level of functionality in the mobile station.
When the application wants to stop the module for making a power off, or if the application wants to
force the module for executing a IMSI DETACH procedure, then it has to send:
This command executes a IMSI DETACH and makes a backup of some internal parameters in the
SIM and the EEPROM.
If the mobile is not powered off after this command, it shall received another command to re-start the
whole GSM process.
If the mobile is turned off after this command, then the power on will automatically execute the start of
the whole GSM process.