Siemens S6 GSM User manual Download

1 Prerequisites and Recommendations
Computer HW and SW requirements/recommendations
The underneath PC requirements describes the minimum baseline to be supported.
recommendations are not exclusive and does not conclusively imply incompatibility with other HW or
SW platforms.
386 PC or higher
Memory, disk space, speed and peripherals as required to run Windows '95 will be sufficient to drive
the Combiset.
Serial Communication port
Your PC must be equipped with a physical communication port, supporting RS232 serial data
communication. Typically it is configured as COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4.
Data Cable
A standard serial modem cable is required in order to connect your Combiset and PC for data
application. Refer to Siemens Nixdorf peripherals catalogue [http:///] under
serial modem cables, i.e. Cable KB011-M5, M10 or M15.
All Pins straight through connected
RS 232 serial cable
PC side
Combiset side
Windows 95 or Windows NT
These operating systems are commonly equipped with the data communication drivers and protocols
required to operate the Combiset. Hence no additional installation software is necessary.
Data application software
This constitutes end user software which uses data communication as a means of fulfilling a function
i.e. information transfer. These packages typically are 'Email programs, Internet browsers, PC Fax
applications, Remote access applications, File transfer applications, etc. For setup instructions of
individual applications, please refer to the relevant application's accompanying documentation.
1.2 Telecommunication requirements/recommendations
• SIM Card
To operate the Combiset the user requires a valid SIM card from any GSM network operator.
A TeleService needs to be enabled on the SIM Card (by the Network Operator) to send/receive faxes
over the GSM network. The Combiset currently supports:
– TeleService 62 (TS62).
Data Bearer Services
A Data Bearer Service (BS) needs to be enabled on the SIM Card (by the Network Operator to
send/receive data over the GSM network. The different Data Bearer Services are distinguished
through different rates of data transmission. The Combiset currently supports: