Download Siemens S6 GSM User manual

Verify once more that the appropriate 'COM port' is selected, as well as that the 'Maximum speed' is
set to 9600 bps. Then choose 'Settings' and insure that the settings are as follows
Data bits:
Stop Bits:
Click on the option 'Advanced' and verify that the flow control option is selected and set as follows:
Flow Control:
Hardware (RTS/CTS)
The modem driver for your Combiset is now installed and should be tested/diagnosed. This can be
done once you are back again in the original 'Modem Installation Window' by clicking on the option
'Diagnose/Test'. Under this window option the appropriate 'COM port' with the relevant 'Standard
9600 bps Modem' driver must be selected and then the 'Details' button must be clicked.