Download Sharp MX-M363U Setup guide

(13) Document glass
This is used to scan books and other originals that
cannot be scanned using the automatic document
(14) Main power switch
This is used to power on the machine.
When using the fax or Internet fax functions, keep this
switch in the "on" position.
(16) Bypass tray
Special types of paper can be fed from the bypass
(17) Exit tray unit (right tray)*
When installed, output can be delivered to this tray.
(18) USB connector (type A)
This is used to connect a USB memory or other USB
device to the machine.
(15) Front cover
Open to replace a toner cartridge.
* Peripheral device. For more information, see "PERIPHERAL DEVICES" in "1. BEFORE USING THE
MACHINE" in the Operation Guide.
Some options may not be available in some countries and regions.