Download Sharp MX-M363U Setup guide

The document filing function allows you to save the document image of a copy or image send job, or the data of a
print job, as a file on the machine's hard drive.
The stored file can be retrieved and printed or transmitted as needed.
Uses of the document filing function
Files that you want to store for later use
Store quickly
and easily
Store and manage
Quick File
Scan to HDD
Using Quick File, you can easily
copy or send a document and
store the document data on the
hard drive at the same time.
When File is used, a user name
and file name can be appended
to the stored file. You can also
select which folder the file is
stored in, for easy file
Use Scan to HDD to store a
document on the hard drive
without performing printing or
transmission. Like File, a user
name, file name, and folder can
be specified.
Quick File Folder
Files saved with Quick File are
stored in this folder.
Main Folder / Custom Folder
If a folder is not specified when a file is saved with File or Scan to HDD,
the file is stored in the main folder. In addition to the main folder, files
can be saved in custom folders. Custom folders are created in the
system settings.
Stored files can be printed or transmitted whenever needed.
A file that has been stored using the printer driver cannot be transmitted.