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Streusel cake
Serves approx. 40
1000 g strong white flour
80 g fresh yeast or 2 x 7 g sachets of
fast action dried yeast
500 ml lukewarm milk
100 g melted butter
100 g sugar
2 eggs
A pinch of salt
250 g soft butter
250 g sugar
2 eggs
700 g quark
2 tbsp cornflour
6 tbsp lemon juice
Streusel topping:
700 g plain flour
400 g sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
400 g melted butter
1. To make the base, sift the flour into a
large bowl and make a well in the
centre. Crumble the yeast into the well,
and mix with a little milk and some of
the flour. Leave for 15 minutes to rise.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients, and
knead to a smooth dough. Leave in a
warm place for about 15 minutes to
rise, then roll out onto the universal tray.
3. To make the filling, beat together the
sugar and egg until creamy, then stir in
the quark, cornflour and lemon juice.
Spread this mixture over the base.
4. Mix together the flour, sugar and
cinnamon for the streusel topping. Add
the slightly cooled butter to the dry
ingredients. Rub together to make a
crumbly mixture. and scatter over the
quark mixture.
5. Leave to rise for another 15 minutes
before baking until golden.
Use one of the following functions:
Automatic / Cakes / Streusel cake
Duration: Approx. 67 minutes
Fan plus
Temperature: 150–170 °C
Shelf level: 1
Duration: 50-60 minutes
Conventional heat
Temperature: 160–180 °C
Shelf level: 2
Duration: 50–60 minutes + pre-heating
The dough can be proved using the
"Automatic / Cakes / Yeast dough"