Download Miele 09 968 240 Operating instructions

Sabbath programme
This oven offers a Sabbath programme
for the purposes of religious
observance. It is listed under the
"Automatic" programmes.
After selecting the Sabbath programme
and setting the temperature required
the oven door has to be opened and
then closed again.
To use the Sabbath programme
^ Select "Automatic" in the menu.
^ Select "Sabbath programme".
The Sabbath programme cannot be
started if the minute minder is being
It will then start:
^ Set the required temperature.
– After approx. 5 minutes the oven will
begin heating up using the
"Conventional heat" function.
^ Select "Start" to confirm your
– It will heat up to the temperature that
you selected and then hold this
temperature for 72 hours.
^ When you want to start cooking open
the door.
– The interior lighting will not come on,
even when the door is opened.
However, if "Settings - Lighting - On"
is selected, then the interior lighting
will remain on throughout the
– "Sabbath programme" will appear
constantly in the display.
– The time of day will not show in the
The door can be opened and shut at
any time during this programme.
A Sabbath programme which has been
started cannot be changed, nor can it
be saved under User programmes.
The programme can only be cancelled
by switching the appliance off.
The oven is now ready for use.
^ Place the food in the oven.
^ Close the door.
The programme will start in 5 minutes.
If you want to cancel the programme:
^ Switch the oven off.