Download Asus M10 Owner`s manual

Reset the nüvifone
If the nüvifone stops functioning, turn
off the nüvifone, and then turn on the
If this does not help, remove the
battery cover. Using the stylus, press
the Reset button (see page 7). The
nüvifone should restart and operate
Battery Information
battery icon in the status bar
indicates the status of the internal
battery. To increase the accuracy of
the battery gauge, fully discharge the
battery and then fully charge it. Do not
unplug the nüvifone until it is totally
nüvifone M10 Owner’s Manual
Maximize the Battery Life
• Press the key, and tap Settings
> System > Backlight to turn down
the backlight.
• Do not leave your nüvifone in
direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged
exposure to excessive heat.
Replace the Battery
 Warning
Only use the correct battery type:
HiTech rechargeable, user-replaceable,
SBP-23 lithium-ion battery. Using an
incorrect battery may present a risk of
Do not use a sharp object to remove the
battery. A sharp object may puncture
the battery which may present a risk
of fire, chemical burn, electrolyte leak,
and/or injury.
For more information on purchasing a
replacement battery, go to www